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hi, thanks for joining us. i'm maureen ume. the top story tonight, the wind. the wind advisory expired about an hour ago. still, it is still pretty windy. how strong were the winds? let's go to fox 5's gwen tolbart. how strong were they out there, gwen? >> reporter: we had record at reagan national airport, dulles as well as baltimore were in
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excess of 40 to 45 miles per hour, reaching up to 51, actually, at dulles. there are some areas that maybe we didn't get reporting stations from yet. we'll have some update on that, but those winds are definitely strong. these are official numbers that came in just prior to the 5:00 hour. here is a look at current wind gusts now, still vety strong, from 17 to 32 miles per hour. they're going to start to diminish and that's good news. we'll have light wind as we move into the overnight hours. temperatures, 40 degrees at reagan. 37 at dulles. i want to say that those winds today gave a significant wind chill and only felt like it was in the low 20s in many of our neighborhoods. skies not too bad. we had a few clouds. we are looking mostly clear through the course of the night. mostly clear, will be cold. the winds will improve, 32 degrees for the low and light
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winds is the good news for sunday and the sunshine will definitely be around but we had somechances as we get closer towards christmas. details later on. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. the fox 5 news alert, those high winds are about to cause head aches at local airports. there was no departure delay at dulles or reagan, but earlier, some warnings were issued, due to the wind gusts. they say it is stand dart practice. and cars and trucks are being told to stay off the bay bridge. >> no matter what time of the day, you can load the app. the five final victims of the shooting were laid to rest today. this comes a week after a gunman shot annual killed 26 students and students at sandy hook elementary school. sandy hook students will return to another school on january
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3rd as the community continues to grief and say good-bye. dozens of maryland students spent the day making paper snow flakes to be sent to the shooting victims in connecticut. -on henrehan is live. >> reporter: some of the snow flakes were being made by children so young their parents have shielded them from the details of the mass murder. but those families, too, wanted to send a message. on a cold and blustery saturday, dozens of local families mate a trip to the store called green genes. on this trip, they were not coming for the clothing and gently used shoes for sale but came to make paper snow flakes. these deck racials will be sent to the children who survived
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the massacre at sandy hook elementary. the sandy hook elementary survivors will resume at another school next year. >> we wanted to make that beautiful for them and take their mind off what happened and bright en their day. there is going to be a winter wonderland and hopefully they'll get that from people from around the world. >> reporter: the co-owners said that she and per partner wanted to do something. >> i got in touch with the pta and the church and found out this is what they wanted to do. >> reporter: some of the children are so young they were not told about the shooting. what did you tell them? >> just that this would help children. and they didn't ask any more about that. >> reporter: but the older students know.
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they came here to make a statement. >> that we care. >> reporter: you think it's important that they know this? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because they are probably sat about whathappened. >> reporter: middle schooler drew levine had a message for those who survived and those who didn't. >> i would tell them that we're very sad, that we hope to prevent this in the future and we miss them. >> reporter: sandy hook elementary has remained close as a crime scene. authorities have not released any hint of a possible motive by the shooter, so far. maureen and laura? >> john, thank you for that. all right. lightening things up a lot. >> yes. >> and turning to fox 5's lindsey murphy to talk about a big day for the skins. >> yes, we were talking about, it feels a little surreal with
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the restaurant skins what's going on. it seems at the bye week, they were 3-6 and people said, the season was over. well, the eagles have nothing and everything to play for tomorrow when they play the red skins. the season is long over at 4- 10, but not only can they play the role of spoilers and grinch, this could be the last home game that they will play under coach reid. last game, griffin picked apart the eagles defense. the hookup with santana moss was the longest of the day. nick foles has improved as a
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quarterback. although they only one one game in five starts, this did it in drama sick fashion. you know, no one in the locker room is jump can around, excite that had we are on a win streak and we control our own destiny. everyone is still focused on what we have to do and everybody is still feeling sore from the game. >> a win over the eagles would give the revved skins their first sweep of philly since 2008 and one more win away from making the post season one more win and they will be in for sure and host a home game. >> that's huge. still ahead, the fall jawt continues from the national rifle association's comments. the latest on that coming up next. รณ
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more on the fallout from
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the nra's comments. among the most controversial was the nra statement that violent video games, the media, movie and music are what is causing our kids to kill. >> the only way, the only way to stop a monster from killing our kids is to be personally involved and invested in a plan of absolute protection. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> the nra says there is a simple solution to stop the gun violence: put armed guards in our nation's schools. but not everyone agrees with that and, tonight, people are still responding to that suggestion. >> we are breaking down their opinions. fox's rick leventhal has some numbers that might surprise you. >> reporter: after a week of silence, the national rifle association held a press conference friday, sparking even more debate. the nra has four million
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members, a strong pro gun organization with a power to vote and lobby for or against districter gun laws. after the sandy hook shooting when a trouble 20-year-old fired his way into an elementary school, using a semiautomatic rifle with high- capacitymagazines, there was a strong response. >> i ask the congress to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed officers through every school. the open thing that stops a bad guy -- the only thing that stops a bat bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a one. how do americans fall in this? according to a gallup poll, 53% say that would be effective. increasing government spending on mel taught health and screening would be very
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effective. a third said somewhat and 13% said they don't think. when asked to ban the sale of assault and semiautomatic weapons, ruffle 4 out of 10 said yes. 2 out of 10 said what. and 32% said this would not be effective. connecticut senator richard blumenthal says that the n r a missed an opportunity. >> the nra's proposal to put armed guards in some schools may be efficient in some cases but it falls very shored of some comprehensive action needed to stop the horrible action from happening. >> the group says it will take questions next week. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. meanwhile, hollywood is demanding changes, demanding changes to gun laws.
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>> take a look. >> how many more, how many more, how many more colleges. >> how many more houses of faith? >> how many more shopping malls? >> how many street corns? >> how many more? >> how many more? >> that video came out friday. in it, they are asking how many more senseless shootings? itey time to demand a plan calling on leaders to act. demand a plan campaigners want new slawdges including a criminal background check for every gun sold in america. we are following a story out of northeast d.c. where police are investigating a deadly shooting happened in bladensburg. the metropolitan police department said one was shot, another found in the road and another victim inside a card. the victim in the road, 44-year- old raymond harris later died. so far, no arrest. police are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. police in prince george's county in maryland are investigating a deadly car crash that happened in the 9300
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block of adelphi road. five people were taken to the hospital, one person died. no word yet on hot victim is or the condition of the is your -- on who the victim is or the condition of the survivors. this is on branch avenue and hill crest heights. part of the roof here caved in but no injuries were reported. damage is estimated at $100,000. officials in maryland are searching for a missing man. take a look. prince george's county police say that 20-year-old david jonathan share has been missing since december 19th. the young man was last seen near the campus of the university of maryland. if you know where he is, give authorities a call. if you see this doing, the loundoun county sheriff's office is looking for this dog, his name is bronco. he escaped from a groomer last week. if you have seen him, please call the sheriff's office. christmas made easy, coming
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up. how an atlanta business brings the holidays right to your doorsteps. and if you have any story ideas, send them to us.
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christmas travel has picked into full swing and the weather has not helped. lots of delays, cancellations and long lines at several airports yesterday had passengers makingfrantic calls and canceling flights. >> that's all i can do is make sure that everything is okay. >> luckily, it's going to be delayed. they are very good at it. like e-mail and text messages. so, yeah, i knew. >> people who are traveling, if you are expecting guests, always good idea to check with the carrier. a pair of the brothers in atlanta are making it easier among people and making a business out of it at the same time as fox's elizabeth fran explains, it started with the recession and popsicles of all
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things. >> ten popsicles. >> reporter: the king of pop known across the south. arch he lost his job, he decided to take a channels. >> i thought i knew how to be a en enterpreneur, but little didn't i know. they grew in five years. sales topped $1 million in 2012 but their business plan had one flaw. who wants a popsicle in december? >> hey, we have a treat for you. especially delivery from the tree elves. to keep their employees working in the christmas season, they started having their employees bring potted christmas trees,
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pre lit. after the christmas, they come back and pick them up. >> it makes us feel good to help a local business, rather than go to home depot and purchase one like we have done in the past. >> that's great. >> good for them. >> good idea. >> yes. >> of course, it's beginning to feel a lot more like christmas. inter' windy. >> yes. >> the winds were terrible and create the, really, really significant wind chill as well. >> yes. definitely the wind in full force. let's take a look outside. here is a look. we have some clearing skies actually. mostly clear into the course of tonight and the good news is that we will see some improvement. i know those winds were really, really strong and gusty today. and really caused a lot of problems in some areas. here is a peek at the wind gust. 51 at dulles. now, this is reported officially as of the 5:00 hour. we get into the later show
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tonight, we'll see if there has been any update on that for you. those winds will finally get a little bit lighter. here is a look at what's happening right now. wind at 20 mile-per-hour at washington. 12 at gaithersburg. 15 in haggerstown. that's a far cry from those 30, 40, 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts that we had. happy to say that things are improving. wind gusts about 17 to 32 mile- per-hour wind gusts. it will continue to improve during the course of the overnight hours and into tomorrow. it will be history at this point. but 32 in d.c., 30 in baltimore, 25 in dulles, 26 in haggerstown. here is a look at the current temperatures. we'll take a look at the wind chill. it's current currently 40 degrees in d.c. 34 in gaithersburg. 43 at fredericksburg and to the west, 32 at winchester and 35
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degrees at martinsburg. factor in the temperatures and wind, actually feels pretty much every like it's in the low 30s or 20s. most of the day, that was the story, felt like pretty much into the low 20s everywhere. you got that winter chill in your bones as a result of it. sky conditions not bad. we're going to see some these clouds start to push out. ridge of high pressure will give us a clear night tonight. that will help us as we move into your sunday as well. for tonight's planner, by about 10:00, 41 degrees, mostly clear skies, winds will be light and that will continue through into the overnight hours as well. and we are pretty much putting it all together and saying that by the time we move through into sunday, we are talking plenty of sunshine across the area. what we are doing is keeping a very close eye on a couple of storm systems. that's going to bring us a very unsettled pattern once we move into into the course or the beginning of the week so as we get near christmas, we'll see quite a few changes and that will reflect a little bit layerer on in my fox 5 accu
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weather seven-day forecast. you still have a couple of days to get some of the shopping done and the weather will cooperate up to a point. so we'll have the full forecast, the christmas forecast as well as the change in the weather pattern coming up as well a little bit later for everybody. >> thanks very much, gwen. prince george's county police held theirage toys for tots campaign event. it was very good event. for the past six years, they have been partnering with the u.s. marine corps reserves. the one-day event hems children who are less fortunate. >> it's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and it's fantastic. >> 37,000 toys. >> a waitress in a northern virginia restaurant working on her college degree got quite a
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surprise. how a little cheer is helping out this holiday season. >> reporter: they came, they came, they tip bombed. what's a tip bomb? that's a surprisingly huge tips for a waiter or waitress. >> i was shocked. >> he was not evening the recipient. >> he is head coach here at glory days restaurants here in fairfax. he will be the first to tell you that servers earn their money. >> they work very hard on the beat, 10, 11 hours a day. >> watch this video taken during lunch this past friday. a group came to glory days. >> really unbeknownst to us. they didn't tell anybody. >> reporter: however? >> they did this. >> we tracked a member of the group. they wanted to remain anonymous. the tip, a total $903. that's more than 400%. >> the server had the initial reaction that there was a
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mistake made. the group scooted out quickly. later, the waitress talked to them on the phone. >> the group chose the rest but not this waitress. they just happened to be seated at this table. >> this is a server who was working here for a long time. they are a college student. >> the group does this from time to time. they have a website, again, they want to remain anonymous but they are hoping it's contagious. >> i think that it should catch on. you should go tip bomb somebody. >> isn't that great? >> yes. >> like secret santas coming through. >> you do hope it inspires somebody to pay forward. >> i think tonight, i may tip bomb someone. >> why not. >> let's get into the spirit early. why not. >> when we return, dead debate delay. >> how the holidays are putting
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things on hold in the nation's capital and what that means for us. us.
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president obama nominate john terry for secretary of state but will republicans support the nomination? and tensions are running high. and why is steep jobs'
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famous yatch being docked? that story much more ahead in the next half hour. but the top story, with congress in recess until christmas, it seems more likely than ever that the nation's economy will fall off the fiscal cliff. president obama is calling on congress to do just enough to change that. it's a change from his previous push for sweeping reforms. >> the american people re- elected president obama on election day. they also re-elected a republican majority here in the house. in doing so, they gave us all a mandate. it was not a mandate to raise taxes on families and small businesses. it was a mandate for us to work together to begin solving the massive debt that threatens our country's future. unfortunately, the president and senate democrats vowed to reject and vetoed all of our
6:30 pm
proposals while failing to offer responsible solutions of their own. >> the chance for any deal may now be up to the democratally controlled senate since the speaker's plan to allow taxes to be raised for millionaires have gone down. the first lady and president will attend the funeral for senator daniel inouye. massachusetts voters faced another race since john kerry is now the official nominee for secretary of state. the state will have to hold a third senate election since 2010, if he is confirmed. steve doocy has more. >> reporter: a week after u.n. ambassador susan rice says not to nominate her for secretary of state because the
6:31 pm
nomination process may be too tough, divisive. >> in a sense, john's entire life has prepared him for his role. as a son of a foreign service officer, he has a deep respect for of the men and women of the state department. the role they play in advancing our interests and values, the risks that they undertake and the sacrifices that they make along with their families. >> senator john mccain congratulated kerry on his nomination and the republican from arizona says he looks forward to considering him for secretary of state but he did not promise his support. >> my view on weather secretary kerry should be -- senator kerry should be secretary kerry will not be base the on differing views. we have had differences in opinion when he said that
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desert storm would fail. >> secretary clinton was not able to make it to the white house at all. she is still recovering from the same connell cuss that is preventing her from testifying to dade about what she knew about the raid in benghazi. to egypt now and the new constitution there likely to win approval today in the final round ovoting, but that does not mean that there wouldn't be trouble. the fight over president morsi's power turned some former allies into enemies. now they are pushing for are harder islamic rule. >> i'm going to say yes. because over 90% of the articles of the constitution and i'm totally convinced it that has some points that in don't agree with totally but, again, they can be changed later on in parliament. >> the egyptian vice president resigned today which was not a
6:33 pm
surprise. what was a little unexpected was that he did it before the vote was over. north korea's leader called for more powerful rockets for hires country. it's the first time he has explicitly named that goal and publicly. north korea says it wants to build a satellite program, but the united nations says that is a program to build nuclear missiles. pope benedict xvi has pardoned the man who stole documents from him and gave them to the man who wrote a book alleging corruption and even sexual affairs within the vat canal. >> this constitutes a
6:34 pm
forgiveness gesture. mr. gabrielle was subsequently released from prison. now for the vatican. o back to he has been convicted of theft. and we donate the our fox 5 christmas tree to a deserving organization. just ahead, the story of one local family who has benefited from one extraordinary local charity. charity. 
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on friday morning, just yesterday, we leer at fox 5 presented our christmas tree to a charity. >> and they presented that tree to a family whose life changed so much since military kids.
6:37 pm
>> we honor them this year with our tree and all your beautiful ornaments, but, first, here is a look at one deserving family whose children's lives have changed, thanks to our military kids. >> beautiful, beautiful. 7-year-old bruce leshaun is one tough little boxer. three day as week, the second grader shows his mighty fifth as boxing practice. bruce leshaun and his little brother danny are able to enjoy their new sport because of a grant given to the family by our military kids. since 2004, our military kids has been helping military families nationwide pay for youth sports, fine arts activity and tutoring programs in order to nurture young kids during difficult times of a parent's deployment or rehabilitation. last april, the boy ales father, army staff sergeant was severely injured while serving
6:38 pm
in afghanistan. alejandro was on his fourth middle east deployment as part of the 82nd airborne unit. while is company was station the near kandahar, alejandro, on foot patrol, stepped on a roadside bomb. the explosion cost the soldier both hills legs. since the accident, he and his family vp been living at walter reed. hills wife, ann marie says that the boxing less sons have been great. >> it's great to get them out away from the hospital to do something. and my children have adhd and it's good to help them focus on something. >> the deployment is tough, they are financially stretched, cannot afford to pay for things like sport and things like that extra curricular activity is crucial. that's where military kids comes?
6:39 pm
>> we could not do it without our military kids. >> reporter: that's why the money is given to military kids. now, this gives the entire family a joy. ron and danny have something to look forward to each week. >> that's when you get to shadow box, when you, like, fight invisible people. >> reporter: in the spirit of the holiday season, we honor and give thanks to the thousands of service members who, like alejandro put their lives on the line each day fighting for our freedom and we support organizations like our military kids. with their efforts, little champions like john and denny get to play. >> you get to play dodge ball. you can't rest. today, i'm a champion.
6:40 pm
and champions don't rest. >> great. >> okay. >> joining us now, executive director linda davidson. good morning. >> good morning. >> and greg o'brien communication specialist with the organization, our military kids. you know, thank you. >> thank you. >> again, we want to thank all the viewers who -- i mean every one of these ornaments came from a viewer. some of them hand made. all of them meaningful in some way to you all. so we at this for sending these in. we thank you for sending these in. we have a few toys that we collect the. those had go with the tree as well. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> happy holidays for you and your viewers. >> a moving statement from that little boy. >> yes, it's been an emotional week for all of us here. glad to see so many people doing such good things for other people. >> thank you.
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still ahead. >> all right. the worldwide hit is making viewers worldwide. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours.
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a yatch that belongs to the late steve job was impounded
6:44 pm
because of unpaid bills. there has been an ongoing fight between the estate and the builder over unpaled bills. the designer says it was 200 million-dollar and the designer expected a 6% commission. >> i just would like to have any one of those problems, just one day. the south korean artist known as scy hit another major milestone yesterday. >> yeah, he racked up his billionth viewer. that is the first view tube video ever to get that many hits. he is the first from korea to obtain major success in the u.s. rolling stone magazine put gangnam style at number 25 on the 50 best list. >> i think my song get 15 of
6:45 pm
those in the last few years. the last thing i can get him to put on his nebulizer toys put on gangnam style. >> really. >> my 18 month old, this song comes on and she is doing the little dance. she loves it. >> i don't get it. >> that's the magical scy, i guess. >> i guess so. >> maybe it is. >> talk weather. boy, it was windy out there today. >> really windy. mother nature is passing her magic wand over us. we'll final get rid of those wind which everybody will be happy about because those winds were really strong and annoying in more ways than one. there were some areas where it affected traffic lights and that type of thing. we heard a report earlier where some of our firefighters had to deal with those wind. so not the best at all. but the wind will diminish and
6:46 pm
that's the good news. temperatures will be up and down over the coming week. a lot going on. let us all put this all together for you. we hit 43 mile-per-hour wind gusts at reagan national airport. 44 at baltimore. 51 at dulles. unbelievable. some of our other neighborhoods, gaithersburg, 38 mile-per-hour wind gusts, winchester up to 36 and 33 at frederick. pretty good indication of the kind of wind that we had today and what some of you had to deal. we're going to get improvement in the course of the next few hours. you will see things really change. currently, only 8 mile-per-hour wind in baltimore. 20 in d.c. 20 in quantico, 10 in martinsburg, 15 in dulles as well. let's take a look at the gusts and see where they are at. right now, anywhere from 17 to
6:47 pm
32 mile-per-hour wind gusts. a little bit on the strong side. they will gradually start to diminish. 32 in d.c., 23 in gaithersburg. 26 mile-per-hour wind gusts right now in gait thers town. 18 in manassas, 20 in cumberland and we'll see what baltimore is doing. 20 right now at baltimore as well. here is a look at the current temperatures. wind chills were very significant today. you factor in the wind and temperatures. we'll show you what it feels like outside even though the temperatures may be higher. 34 degrees right now. 36 in gaithersburg. martins burg at 35. 37 in manassas. baltimore at 37. let's see what it actually feels like. a lot cooler. well, we have 26 at gaithersburg, 2-7b at dulles. not quite as bad as it was earlier as those winds finally starting to subside and we get a lot of improvement. we have a real cool pool of air
6:48 pm
shooting down here along new england and to the north of us. you can see, look at these temperature here, fargo only 12, international falls at 10. we have 30 degrees in lincoln. no major warmup is coming our way. 45 at d.c. high today. 42 in dulles and 42 at bwi thurgood marshall. we are keeping an eye on the weather. not much happening, not much happening to the south. we have a little bit of activity here across areas in new england. for us, we're going to see the clouds moving in as the ridge of high pressure builds in. sunshine during the course of tomorrow and mostly clear skies. we're going to see a very active storm system pushing our way and it looks like we get through the sunshine today and
6:49 pm
the unsettled pattern will start as we head into monday night. monday looks like we might have a chance of a rain and snow mix. a little bit of wintry weather. all going to depend on the temperatures as we move into monday. you can see how it's shaping up. tuesday, as it gets into christmas day, looking good. we have sunshine to look forward to. here is the seven-day forecast. rain mix possible monday, return again on wednesday. we'll keep an eye on all of that christmas day, sunshine. >> okay. >> all right. the kids are asking for a white christmas. so no problem. because there was talk of possible rain. >> uh-huh. >> there is a chance and a little bit of -- you know, rain- snow mix but looks like it's going to be monday and then again on wednesday. unfortunately not tuesday. >> thanks, gwen. >> i don't have a problem with that for the report. >> thanks, gwen a baby deer in utah got into a very similar situation on a frozen lake but do not fear. the department of wildlife came
6:50 pm
to the rescue. this young buck got stuck after walking on to a pond. he did not break through came very slow. officers used a rope to push it. >> they noticed the beer walked on to the nice. the animal had not broken through the ice but it was so slippery that it could not get out. >> the deer will to rest after a long cold night on the ice. but it is expected that the animal will make a full recovery. >> lindsey murphy is up next in sport. 
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happy holiday, i'm lindsey murphy. this year is the final year that georgetown will play in the big east. when they begin conference play in two weeks, it will be an extra special year for them. but they faced off against american university. arnold porter shows his range. he had a double-double 16 points and 16 rebounds. stephen lumpkin works the pick and roll. he gets the lane to go and draws the foul. eagles down by 6. eagles taking advantage of a scarce
6:54 pm
transition. the lay-in. eagles hanging around but georgetown did have a 15-point lead at the break. second half, all hoyas. jabril troutwig would lead the break. georgetown up 26 at one point. coasting to a win. the head coach says he likes how is team performed in the second half. >> we set the shots a little more, rebounded, did a better job rebounding the board. we are shooting the ball and getting them back. conference play starts. they're going to be prepared. they will' be ready to play, physically, emotionally. we'll be ready. conference play is in two weeks george mason facing richmond and the patriots up by 12 with 7 1/2 to play. mason in yell joe, cory edwards follows, artledge follows and he gives mason the first lead.
6:55 pm
richmond down 2, but they score in traffic with 20 seconds to go. tie game. five seconds left. george mason with the ball. they can win it. ed wads' drive. he let the long 3 fly with a second to go. and it falls at the buzzer. that's the game winner. mason rallies to defeat richmond, 67-64 game 2 of the governor's holiday classic. they were off to a good start today. donte hill with the kill. odu led until the 9 minute of the first half. that's when uva would go on a run. taylor burnett lets it fly from beyond the arc. that gave the cavaliers their first lead. the piewtback falls and the
6:56 pm
foul. syracuse's coach jim boeheim coming off victory 900. orange coming off a win. this is how you do it. white to anthony lee, two of his career high 21 points part of a 10-1 owl run. 'cuse down one. trish misses the 3. rebounds to carter, the shot no good. temple gets the rebound. they also get fouls. temple upsets previously unbeaten and third ranked syracuse 83-79. whether make shanahan knew it or not, what he said following the redskins' loss to the panthers in november motivated the players. kins had just lost their third straight, were 3-6 entering the bye. and that's when shanahan said, now is the time to evaluate players and who will be around
6:57 pm
for years to come. although he said that his nights were taken out of context, seemed like he was writing off the season. >> before the bye, people were writing us off. our coach said he really didn't mean it but they took it as meaning he was writing us off. when you have that going around and you know you can be a contender, you have to change the focus and say, what can i do better to give ourselves a better chance? >> a lot of people were inspired by it. coach came in and explained what he meant. when he left, we knew what he meant. he thought for sure that we were still in the race. >> he had a moment of frustration, but i think the whole team knows where he stands and where we stand, that's a testament to that. >> they are in first place. boise state and washington.
6:58 pm
boise state leads. the lateral to chris fodder, he throws it up. the play was reviewld and ruled a 34-yard touchdown. boise state up. boise state defeats washington 28-26 to win its third straight las vegas bowl. tonight, the wizards host the pistons. last night, they lost to the pistons, the worst loss of the season, 100-68. >> hurts hearing that. just come on, wiz. >> one game, one game. >> that's it for us. back for the news edge at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 16, Gaithersburg 6, Gwen 4, Maryland 4, Boise 4, Mason 4, Lindsey Murphy 3, George 3, Richmond 3, Kerry 3, Volkswagen 2, Bruce Leshaun 2, Danny 2, Alejandro 2, John 2, Rick Leventhal 2, Eagles 2, North Korea 2, D.c. 2, Atlanta 2
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